A Chance for Another Love


Not a lot of people had the opportunity of finding another love, but when you did, it is not as easy as what you think when you two are still bound with legalities.

Divorce Law in Orlando

Opting for a divorce entails many setbacks. One must not come rushing to a divorce lawyer with a half-hearted decision. Separation is not a matter that is to be taken lightly. It should only be done when the options of the two have been completely exhausted. What makes our law firm different from any other is we ensure that the rights of every affected individual are not violated. Our lawyers will not take your case to a trial if he or she does not believe that it is the best way out. If we consider that marriage is not that far from being saved, then we will suggest to both parties to reconcile instead and rekindle.

We at Gaw Cow Law Group still believes in the sanctity of marriage. The vows should be more than alludes in the ears but a statement to live with. But with the wrong person, no wonder you can never reach your happy ending no matter what fixing you do. We also understand this dilemma, and no one should remain in an unhealthy relationship just for the sake of marriage per se. Imagine the more damage it will inspire especially to your children just trying to keep your wedding from functioning. As such, it is not in our best interest to keep a marriage together when there are issues detrimental to the growth of the involved individuals especially the children.

Things will get difficult for you and your kids during and after the divorce process. An emotional scar will be etched on your children’s heart, and you can never really do anything about it but to be there for them. These hardships, however, will soon come away and a fresh start will be greeting you in any moment. One may choose to move on with his or her life, or one can settle for good with a new partner.

Giving a shot in finding love after a bad marriage is not a bad thing. You will get to experience to enjoy again, spending time with someone for the second time around but this time everything will be worth it. This time you will not cry because of frustrations but of genuine happiness. However, to fully enjoy your fresh start you should make sure that you are not tied with any legal bonds to your former partner. So to settle this, our family lawyers here at Gat Cow Law Group are well experienced in this legal matter so expect that with the right divorce procedures we can clear this thing up in no time.

If you think you are ready for a fresh start, let our law group be a part of this new beginning.
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Let us be a witness of a legit happy ending.

Learn the Signs of Domestic Violence and Save a Life


Families are said to be the fundamental unit of society. As we go over to our life, we are led to believe that a happy family is supposed to look like that and acts like this. There is a hidden stigma in every troubled family; people assume that broken family equates problematic family members. Nobody wants to call them as troubled kids or disturbed mothers, isn’t it? As such, people are putting on masks, hiding abuse and creating facades. It has become a norm that an ideal family should maintain a good public image so as what popular media promotes.

People recognize a perfect family with the children participating in every school activities, with the parents actively joining family events and with everyone getting together well during a dining out. Little did the people know that behind those fake smiles, fake happiness and false love, hidden inside their heart is a screaming agony, excruciating pain, and unimaginable fear. Little did they know what happens behind the closed doors of their home. Little do you know that it could be one of your friends or loved ones. Do not let those little acts fool you into believing they do not need help, recognize the abuse and get help.

Gat Cow Law Group has long been dealing with these kinds of matter. Our family lawyers are well equipped of every aspect of the family association including the behavioral patterns of a person who suffers from domestic abuse. As such, we have compiled signs of domestic violence to help you and your friend before it becomes too late.

  • A person has become unnaturally silent, submissive and is always apologetic. The sudden lowering of self-esteem and being completely passive are indicative of a troubled individual.
  • A person had gained a heightened fear of someone and anxiety to please that person.
  • A person attempts to hide bruises, black eyes, battle marks on the neck and chooses to bear the pain of injuries. Often, this person may give inconsistent explanations for these physical traumas.
  • A person starts to cut conservation from others and isolate oneself from friends, relatives, coworkers and even loved ones.
  • A person starts showing symptoms of depression such as apathy, hopelessness, or a total loss of vigor to pursue daily tasks.
  • A person begins to bring up suicide, randomly jokes about attempting to kill oneself and how it is good just to disappear.
  • If this person is a mother, she firmly refuses to leave her children alone with her partner.

If you think you see these signs, approach your friend immediately and offer practical assistance. Seek legal advice. See, domestic violence knows no bound when it comes to victimizing families. Whatever your position on the social ladder, domestic violence can attack anyone. You do not know if it is too late until you are crying over a dead body. Do not let regret gnaw you, schedule now a consultation with Gat Cow Law Group via email at info@gatcowyo.com

3 Useful Legal Advices that You Should Know


When you become entangled with trouble, you are not always with your lawyer to back you up. Even if you have the best lawyer in the world, when you acted impulsively in front of a police authority everything that you will say and did will be put against you eventually in court trials, and nothing can your lawyer do something about that. As such, you have to be prepared and properly armed with information. You can find the top three frequently asked questions and answers to guide you when things get a little rough.

Can I remain silent when the police are asking me questions for an investigation?

Yes, you have every right to refuse to answer the questions of the police. However, know that the police are authorized to know who you are, and it is within their jurisdiction to detain people until they found out their identity. The best thing to do is to tell the police your name and make it clear that you have the right not to answer their questions till you talk to your lawyer.

Can the police enter my home?

You should know that no one is obligated to let a police enter and search his or her house without a search warrant, an arrest warrant or permission from you or from someone who has more authority than you in your house. However, keep in mind that in urgent and emergency situations, the police can barge their way into your home without a warrant or permission; this includes medical emergencies, child welfare operations, and inspection for possessing illegal drugs or arsenals.

The police can carry out a thorough search of your home provided that they have a warrant. Beware, do not try to impede a legal search or you will find yourself accused of a criminal offense.

Can I refuse being pulled over by the police?

When driving and suddenly a police car began hovering around you, you should stop. You should just hand them your driver’s license. You are also required to present your insurance and ownership card as indicated in the Highway Traffic Act.

If you are caught up in an accident, you are expected to tell the police how the accident transpired. You must take caution and limit your comments because you do not want to regret giving so much information at the end of the day.

When the police pulled you over suspecting that you are under the influence of alcohol, they will demand a Breath Test. If proven guilty, the police have the authority to take you to the nearest police station for a more accurate test. Upon arriving at the police station, you have the right to speak to a lawyer before proceeding to the evidence. Take this opportunity and call a lawyer.

Be very careful; you will be charged with an offense, and the court is not very forgiving when it comes to this.
Knowing some of your rights might save you from being convicted shortly. For further inquiries and consultation regarding criminal law, you can contact our good office via email at info@gatcowyo.com